The Beatles: Unseen Archives (Book Review)


The Beatles: Unseen Archives is a coffee table book with 600 photos of The Beatles throughout their career and thereafter. The big selling point for the book is 200 of these photos were never previously printed. The book itself comes with descriptions of each photo and also comes with both a chronology of events with dates. Each chapter is broken down by each year The Beatles were together, with one chapter dedicated to their early years and one chapter dedicated to life after The Beatles.

There’s not much to say about this book other than the photos that were chosen were wonderful. I think the opening page or two of what happened with The Beatles that year was a bit unnecessary since the picture descriptions described the events as they occurred. My only problem with this book otherwise is the story being told through pictures at the end never particularly mention Linda McCartney’s death. So anyone picking it up for the first time has no clue why McCartney had what looked like to be a happy and joyous marriage then suddenly was getting married to someone. Overall though, definitely picking up for an afternoon if you consider yourself a Beatles fan.


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